I Created An Email Sequence For Bizzabo

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In the age of Covid, Bizzabo is providing a small bit of normalcy with their software. Bizzabo is an all-in-one events success platform. Their software enables in-person, virtual, and hybrid events to provide one-of-a-kind attendee experiences. It does it through intent-based personalized engagement. This is important for all businesses in many respects. You can use it to boost team morale within your company and have virtual hangouts. It’s also good for company events, enabling you to keep track of new clients and the success of your events.

These days keeping your customer or client engaged is a tough task. As a potential Business Development Representative, I’ll be doing just that by composing emails to bring in more clients for Bizzabo.

I composed an email sequence to get the attention of an account executive at SurveyMonkey. My main goal, besides initial engagement, was to build rapport and trust with the client. Personalized emails are the first way to spark their interest and introduce yourself. No one will read a blast sales email that doesn’t resonate with them or their business. This is your chance to initiate a meaningful relationship.

Finding a common ground is the first step. Get a little background information and use it to customize the email to your client with personalized elements. I checked my prospective client’s LinkedIn and social media accounts for any information that could be used to guide my email.

I used MailChimp to set up my email sequence and have my templates set up for prospects. The useful part about MailChimp is you can automate email responses and easily edit and duplicate past emails. It also allows you to seamlessly customize the email to market your product and website.

There are many types of initial contact email templates you can work with. Find the one that fits best with the angle you want to take and the client you’re reaching. Before anything, make sure your email subject is captivating enough to open. I’ll be using HubSpot’s template tool to measure my email open rates and click rates.

Here is a video showcasing how I used MailChimp to make an email sequence for Bizzabo.

Email sales sequence #1

Subject Line- How did your company meet-up at SurveyMonkey go?
Target- New client
Angle- Provide better software for virtual events

Hello [Person’s Name],

Your latest post about your company’s virtual event caught my eye.

This blog written by our staff at Bizzabo offers great tools for your future virtual hangouts.

An overwhelming majority (80.2%) of event organizers have been able to reach a wider audience with our virtual events.

Let us help you today!

If you have any more questions about Bizzabo, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at this email or my personal phone (443) 691–3373.

Lhia Romero

In my first email to the client, I am responding to a recent post he shared through LinkedIn to show that I’m familiar with his business and his needs. It also shows this isn’t just a template email I’ve sent to a hundred others. I’ve also attached a blog post written by a Bizzabo employee showcasing how Bizzabo is #1 and #2 in events software, and what it does. Lastly, I’ve attached a phone number for faster access to me in case he may have any further questions about Bizzabo.

Email sales sequence #2

Subject line- We can provide you with industry-leading technology!
Angle- Ask a question; what can we do to provide a better virtual event?

Hello [Person’s Name],

Did you find any useful tools from the previous blog I sent you regarding Bizzabo’s virtual event enhancement tools?

It’s no secret we’re willing to adapt and shift when businesses need it most.

Recently we won “People’s Choice” for the fifth year in a row at the Technology Awards.

If I could have 15 minutes of your time, we could discuss any questions you may have about our software.

Are you available Tuesday or Wednesday this coming week, between 1–3 pm ET for a quick chat? Feel free to reply to this email or my personal phone (443) 691–3373.

Thanks for your time,
Lhia Romero

The follow-up email engages the client by asking a question. It can be regarding the past email you sent, as shown above, or you can personalize it to ask something new about posts on their LinkedIn or social media accounts. The goal is to keep them engaged with the information you’ve gained from their posts. I’ve also now stepped up and asked for a few minutes of their time. I’ve provided an exact time and date as to when we can set up a meeting. This puts your client in the driver’s seat and points the car in the right direction. It ensures that they have priority during those times while also giving them options to choose from.

Email sales sequence #3

Subject line- Can we answer any questions about Bizzabo?
Angle- Trying to connect/No Response

Hello [Person’s Name],

I’m sorry we haven’t been able to connect yet. I know the Holidays can make things a little extra hectic with work and family.

You can still embrace virtual with our industry-leading technology now!

I’m available to chat after work hours Mon-Fri (6–8 pm ET) or on the weekends (1–3 pm ET) if that works best for you.

My regards,
Lhia Romero

In this email, you’re attempting to regain a connection with your client if they have yet to reach back to you. Doing so without making them feel bad or in a demanding manner is key here. You can start by acknowledging that life and running a business is hectic. This, in turn, gives the client the chance to reach out without the need for apologies or excuses. I again provide exact time and dates to talk, putting the client in the position to make the next move.

Email sales sequence #4

Subject line- Congrats on your new acquisition!
Angle- Congratulatory

Hello [Person’’s Name],

Congratulations are in order! I noticed your [Company name] recently acquired another start-up.

As you may know (or find out), keeping everyone on a large team on the right page is tough.

Using the Bizzabo Interact tool you can do just that with our virtual sessions. It provides high-quality broadcasts and the ability to reach your full potential of audience engagement.

I’d love to talk about how we can incorporate Bizzabo into your business.

Let’s schedule a call during the Holiday break, December 27–28 from 1–4 pm ET, or December 29–30. Let me know if another time or date works best for you.

My regards,
Lhia Romero

This email angle is a congratulatory one. I noticed the client recently acquired a new business start-up. I’m personalizing the email while also using the congratulatory angle to follow up. It’s also giving them some valuable information Bizzbo provides for larger companies like his. Providing a problem you can solve and a solution to the problem is a popular sales email formula. It’s popular because it works.

To compose engaging sales emails you should be ready to do the research and do your background work. The days of broad sales email templates are long gone. Begin with finding who your clients are, what their interests are, and how to solve their business problems. Utilize tools like Salesforce and Hunter.io to find the right client and their corresponding information. It’s easy to see through spam emails right from the title, so attention to detail is key. Keep it personalized, from the title all the way through, to keep them engaged.

Lastly, provide direct information about you and your product as well as precise details as to when and where they can contact you. Do not keep anything ambiguous. Be direct, succinct, and to the point as you can not waste anyone’s time.

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